Driven to Fire is:

     Kraigen Frederick - vocals, guitar

     Greg Crumbo - vocals, guitar

     Justin Hernandez - vocals,  thunderbass

​     Jeff Murch - skins

​Driven to Fire plays Jackson/PRS Guitars, Epiphone basses, Multiple Dunlop Products (Strings / Picks, MXR Pedals), Peavy and Mesa Amplifiers, Pearl Drums, and SAbian Cymbals.

Hailing from the Bay Area music scene and drawing on their experience in multiple local acts (Sickmachine, Deadbreed,  Lowki) the members of Driven to Fire came together to create a unique sound of hybrid rock and metal in 2015. Though the road has been full of obstacles and challenges, this four-piece based in Concord CA has endured and emerged as an act on the rise. With Jeff Murch holding down the skins and Justin Hernandez laying down the low end thunder on bass, Greg Crumbo and Kraigen Frederick rip through guitar riffs and melodies to create musical arrangements that promote thought and reflection. Frederick’s lyrics and vocal styling add to the power of the human element to the experience, providing a sonic tapestry that takes the listener on a different journey through each song.

In 2017, we welcomed Greg Crumbo to the DTF family. His shredding style will certainly add more depth and flavor to the fray! 

For More band information and show dates, please vist our facebook page atdriven to fire